I forget and lost my tablet at B&B Soffio del Libeccio, Siracusa Italy

I booked via Booking.com. Stay itself was great. The owner Italian women Alessandra were so friendly and nice, big comfortable room and nice breakfast owner prepared. The problem happened after checked out.

I realized I forgot my tablet on the bed my room so I send email to her immediately (After 2 hours check-out).

I know the tablet were B&B because of GPS signal location and I remember I used it on the bed last night.

First she said she can’t find so I send her GPS signal screenshot and asked check again. She said she will but no replay whole day.

Next day I re-send email but no replay. and then, booking.com customer service send email me belows.

Dear Aiko

Thank you for choosing Booking.com.

My name is Paolo, I am writing to you from Booking.com customer service.

The accommodation has contacted me today. They have informed that the accommodation has been temporarily closed by local police for impracticability.

So actually they can’t check if they can find your table in your room.

As soon as the accommodation will be open again they will try to find your tablet and inform you.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

It’s so strange for me, and after that I send email many times to Alessandra and Booking.com customer service both, they NEVER reply and I totally disappointed.

I’m not sure this “temporarily closed” is true because they listing continue on Booking.com as usual. How closed B&B can accept booking? Even it actually happened, owner can contact to me anytime. Why she didn’t reply anything? Maybe just lazy or wanted tablet, I don’t know.

Stay itself was great and I thought she were fantastic owner, but I can see this B&B totally irresponsible and nothing care about the guest who already gone and paid.

Booking.com also totally disappointed me. Their customer service is totally useless.


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