Thief in Bali – Fendi Ariani, who steal 25 million rupiah

Let me share my experience.
We had 25 million rupiah and credit card stolen from hotel room.

On 28th August 2015, we find several currency cash and one credit card missing from bag we put shelf of bedroom. Cash includes Rupiah, Japanese yen, US dollars and total amount was around 25 million rupiah.

We reported hotel and next day hotel find out hotel staff, Fendi Ariani from Denpasar, has stolen when she entered our room for cleaning. (That was so easy to guess because the door is not broken and only four people often enter my room for cleaning).


She admitted her guilty, wrote the confession statement. She promised all money back and asked not bring her to Police.


We showed mercy, agreed we willn’t if she back all money. Also we gave her a week to prepared since she said she spend all money already.

Result, she broke the promise. After two weeks we still don’t get back money. I know she can prepared 25 million if she ask help her family but it she didn’t confide because it “embarrassed”. (I think she made light of this problems because we didn’t show anger and give her too much mercy)

So 17th September we went to the Police to report. Also I published website below, it will be opened until she back all money.

6th October :
Surprisingly police seems doing their job without bribe. Fendi Ariani , her husband and parents appeared to the police station a few days ago and police told them “It will be long term she serve in jail because the amount of money she stolen was big”. Police will be confirm them if they happy return 25 million or happy to serve Jail. I’m fine with either!

▼ Police report

▼ Damage report

I don’t blame her mistake, but make pay what she did.


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